I am an attorney hereinafter referred to as (“Attorney”) and by submitting my request for consideration or my payment of fees, I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

The site is www.best-dwi-attorneys.net and is hereinafter referred to as (“DWI”).

  1. Commencing with payment to DWI the term for inclusion on DWI will be for either 6 months or 1 year. At the end of the term if parties do not notify one another in writing within 30 days of the end of this agreement, the agreement shall automatically renew under the same terms for a new period. Cancellations may be made by emailing a notice of cancellation from the attorneys email address listed on Attorney’s DWI page, to [email protected].
  2. Note: For those who execute a one-year agreement, DWI will add an extra page for Attorney or add Attorney to an additional city of Attorney’s choice upon notification from Attorney of the desire to be listed on more than one page.
  3. Within 30 days prior to the end of the agreement, DWI may notify Attorney in the event of a price increase. Notice will be sent to Attorney’s listed profile email address. At that time, the listed attorney may choose to renew under the new pricing schedule or decline renewal in writing to DWI prior to the end of the current period. Failure to respond by the renewal date will serve as an approval from Attorney for the renewal at the new rates.
  4. Placement on www.best-dwi-attorneys.net on the city that most represents where Attorney practices. DWI may, at its discretion, modify the number of pages or cities Attorney may be represented on. DWI may, at its discretion, allow Attorney to be listed on a city in an area that is not most representative, if DWI believes it will serve Attorney’s and potential clients’ best interests.
  5. DWI makes no representations as to how many leads Attorney will receive if any or to the quality of the leads should Attorney receive any.
  6. Attorney understands that search engines alone determine where a site or site’s page will rank in search engine results. DWI makes no representations as to how well DWI currently ranks on search engines or how well DWI will be able to rank any page in the future.
  7. Attorney agrees to promote DWI by placing a badge supplied by DWI on Attorney’s website that links back to the DWI website without any alteration in the code provided by DWI. Attorney will make a good faith effort to place the badge in a conspicuous area on a well-trafficked page.
  8. Should the badge cease to link the Attorney’s site to DWI’s site, it is Attorney’s responsibility to notify DWI. After such notification, it is DWI’s responsibility to correct the issue if it is originating from the www.best-dwi-attorneys.net site.

    1. If the problem originates from Attorney’s site, DWI will assist Attorney if Attorney provides DWI’s support team access to the Attorney’s site functionality (access to the dashboard on a content management system like WordPress, Joomla, etc.). If the issue requires more than reinstituting the link, and requires changes or corrections to Attorney’s site, Attorney agrees to perform those changes or corrections in a timely manner, at Attorney’s cost.
    2. If the problem is due to an error within DWI’s site, DWI has discretion to add additional time to Attorney’s term without cost to Attorney.
  9. DWI controls number of Attorneys listed in a given city or state.

    1. DWI’s site Lists DUI/DWI/OVI attorneys; DWI’s site does not list law firms.
    2. DWI strives to promote only attorneys who are active in and have a large portion of his or her practice associated to DUI/DWI/OVI defense.
    3. DWI limits the number of attorneys in a given geographical area to a number that prevents oversaturation of attorneys being listed. In no way does DWI promise an exclusive territory to Attorney.
    4. Attorney may request one additional qualified attorney from listed Attorney’s firm to be added to Attorney’s represented city at an additional cost. Inclusion is solely at DWI’s discretion.

      1. The fee for a second attorney that is accepted is one-half of the fee of the first attorney and the agreement will run concurrent with the first attorney.
      2. The attorneys may be listed in a way that separates each listing in a city in order to increase the overall contacts that may result through the multiple listings.
      3. Both fees must be paid with the same credit card and billed as one combined fee each month or each quarter if not paid yearly.
    5. At no time can any firm have more than two attorneys represented in a city.
  10. The badge provided for Attorney’s website may only be used in accordance with the Terms of Service on the DWI website.
  11. The fee for this agreement is based on the region in which Attorney offers services and is at the discretion of DWI. Fees are adjusted based on whether Attorney is paying monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  12. Removal with Cause: DWI may remove any Attorney at any time for cause. Such cause can include, but is not limited to, failure to abide by DWI’s terms and conditions, disbarment, any event in which Attorney’s membership places DWI in a negative light, etc. Such Attorney removed for cause will forfeit any monies paid in. Any Attorney that is removed for cause agrees that DWI is owed fees on any remaining term under the Agreement and that no refunds will be made for fees under the Agreement.
  13. Discretionary Removal with Pro Rata Refund: DWI may remove any Attorney at DWI’s discretion for any reason. If DWI removes Attorney and does not show cause, DWI will refund the prorated amount of whatever time remains that has been paid for that month, quarter, or year.

    1. NOTE: If attorney has paid for a quarterly or yearly term and chooses to remove his or her self, there will be no pro-rata refund.
  14. Attorney grants DWI use of content on Attorney’s website and any other website containing information about Attorney. DWI will use said information solely for the purpose of listing and promoting Attorney and or DWI in the best possible light.
  15. DWI may use Attorney’s likeness and information about Attorney in DWI’s marketing of the site, in paid ads that bring traffic to the site, or otherwise at DWI’s discretion.
  16. Attorney firmly agrees that all information DWI uses will be checked by Attorney within 24 hours of notice from DWI that attorney has been accepted. Attorney will notify DWI via email of any information requiring correction. Needed corrections can only be communicated via email to [email protected].
  17. Attorney indemnifies DWI against any and all claims resulting from erroneous information on DWI’s site if Attorney has not notified DWI within 24 hours of the information going live. If Attorney does notify DWI and DWI fails to make corrections, Attorney agrees to notify DWI again within one week of the information being live.
  18. Attorney agrees DWI may use information DWI gathers regarding said Attorney in any way that promotes or assists the attorney and/or DWI.
  19. Attorney agrees that once on DWI’s site, any and all information gathered regarding said Attorney is property of DWI and DWI has the right to use it after the term of the Agreement expires for whatever reason.
  20. Any and all disputes, controversies, claims, causes of action or demands arising out of or relating to this Agreement or any of its provisions, the providing of services by DWI to Attorney, or in any way relating to the relationship or formation of relationship between DWI and Attorney, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, at law or in equity, including but not limited to any claim or cause of action for fee dispute or breach of contract, for damages or any other relief, shall be resolved by binding arbitration pursuant to Section 154.027 of the Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code. The arbitration shall be conducted by a panel of three qualified arbitrators, as defined by Section 154.052 of the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code, consisting of one arbitrator appointed by DWI, one arbitrator appointed by Attorney, and the third arbitrator chosen by the two arbitrators selected by the Parties. Any such arbitration shall be conducted in Harris County, Texas. The arbitrators may resolve only questions specifically and expressly upon the parties as to the question or questions so submitted. There shall be no right of appeal or review from the decision of the arbitrators unless there is a showing that the decision was procured by corruption, fraud or undue means. The cost of arbitration shall be borne by the losing party.