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Best DWI Attorneys is not a directory site and we do not list every attorney or every attorney who wants to be listed as handling DUI/DWI defense. This is an exclusive site for those qualified attorneys who are largely focused on DWI/DUI.

You may read more about our purpose and how we have been so successful at How Best DWI Attorneys Serves Attorneys and Their Potential Clients.

Fees for attorneys largely focused on DWI/DUI range from $300 per month to $500 per month and as such are higher than directory sites like Avvo, Justia, etc. For the attorney who is accustomed to simply being listed somewhere for free or slightly more than free, here are some cost comparisons prepared by a digital marketing firm:

Cost Comparisons

Premium Ads on Large Directories
Premium position on large directory ranges from $70 to $120 per month.

Large directories list thousands of attorneys and typically hundreds per specialty in any mid to large city. Best DWI does not exceed 10 attorneys in even the largest cities.

If a city has 100 attorneys stating they are DUI/DWI attorneys, if someone chooses to search through them there is little chance any specific attorney will be chosen. When there are ten or fewer, people are more willing to look at them and chances of being chosen increase dramatically. When listings rotate as they do on Best DWI, everyone has similar opportunity.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
Paid advertising with search engines like Google or Bing have costs beyond the actual payment to the search engine, but we are only speaking to the actual ad costs here. For a mid to large city a term like DWI lawyer, DUI attorney, best dwi attorney, etc. will range up to and sometimes over $100 per click. A click is not a client; it is the opportunity to try and convert a searcher into a lead.

Those who have done lots of PPC ads for attorneys believe it is possible that half the clicks come from others doing competitor research; this effectively doubles the cost per click! Attorneys spending $1,000 per month with Google are actually spending $1,250 to $1,350 per month total on their PPC if they are using a qualified agency.

With Best-DWI-Attorneys you pay a maximum of $500 per month. With PPC advertising it is difficult to spend less than a thousand dollars unless you are in a very small town or area.

Citation Sites (Yelp, CitySearch, Yellow Pages, etc.)
Digital marketing pros believe these types of sites need a lot of monitoring or one ends up with clicks that are not relevant to their practice either in location or in the searcher wanting a different specialty. A DUI attorney ad showing where someone is looking for a divorce attorney will often get clicked inadvertently. The same thing happens when your ad shows in an area where a person is looking but you are miles away from there. A small ad budget for a citation site is typically a few hundred dollars monthly.

With Best-DWI-Attorneys.net searchers know we are only DUI attorneys and they can see from our map on each city where the attorneys are. We don’t show up where people are searching for divorce or personal injury attorneys.

Monthly Quarterly Yearly
Featured N/A $1,500 $5,000
Rotating $300 $800 $2,800

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