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Anthony DeLuca

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225 Ross Street, 4th Floor, Pittsburgh , PA 15219

Background and Experience

Anthony DeLuca has worked in criminal justice since 1997. While he handles all variety of criminal defense cases, Mr. DeLuca focuses on clients facing DUI charges. Mr. DeLuca worked as an assistant district attorney for the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office. He refuses to take any criminal charge at face value and attacks a case at multiple angles, seeking to find the best result possible. Mr. DeLuca is a unique DUI lawyer because he has the experience, knowledge of the prosecution, ability to use alternative forms of justice, and dedication to personal services. He will not use a cookie cutter defense, but rather uses skill and knowledge of each individual case to minimize DUI charges.

Active for 1-3 years - WV
Active - PA
University of Pittsburgh School of Law - JD
Boston College Law School - Undergraduate
Lead Counsel - Lead Counsel, 2014
Client Choice Award - AVVO, 2014
Lead Counsel - Lead Counsel, 2013
Certificate of Completion - Issues in White Collar Crime, 2005
Magna Cum Laude - University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 1997
DUI Defense Lawyers - Member, Discussion group, 2012 - Present
DUI Defense Lawyers - Member, 2012 - Present
Sole and Small Firm Legal Practioners of Allegheny County - Member, 2012 - Present
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - Member, Discussion Group, 2012 - Present
Allegheny County Bar Association - Member, 2005 - Present
DRK Attorneys

Anthony DeLuca
225 Ross Street, 4th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 281-6869

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