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Background and Experience

People charged with criminal offenses in central Massachusetts have many criminal defense lawyers available to them. However, there is only one in the area with 10 years of experience as a state trooper and 25 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Salerno served in many different branches of the Massachusetts State Police, including the detective branch, the uniform branch and highway patrol. This gave him extensive experience with investigations and courtroom testimony — real experience he uses today to defend clients throughout Worcester County. He knows better than any other attorney how the "other side" operates.

MA Active 1986
New England School of Law, J.D.
Anna Maria College, M.A.
Worcester State College, M.S.
Bridgewater State College, B.S.
BV Rated - Martindale-Hubbell, 2016
Voted Top OUI Attorney
Client's Choice Award - AVVO, 2013
Honorary Legal Advisor - Worcester Sharks Professional AHL Hockey Team, 2012
National College of Advocacy - Association of Trial Lawyers of America, 2002
National College for DUI Defense
Masschusetts Commission On Judicial Conduct
Worcester County Bar Association
Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys
National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
Massachusetts Bar Association
Worcester County Bar Association
Salerno Law Offices

Anthony M Salerno
306 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01608
(508) 795-1200

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By D. Kelly

I found myself in a tough situation after having totaled my car in the woods after a night at my friends house. I faced charges of an OUI, negligent driving, failing to stop at a STOP sign, and having an open container in my car. I unfortunately subjected myself to the breathalyzer and field sobriety tests and blew way over the legal limit. Needless to say, I felt completely defeated.

It is hard for me to admit, but I had been in this situation prior two years before and hired a lawyer who talked me into paying more to have him represent me versus his associates, yet I never met him until the day of my trial. I was arrested for blowing under the legal limit and in my opinion, it should have never even gone to trial. The only reason why I got off is because the cop didn't show up to testify and not because of any support from my lawyer. I was lucky but disheartened by how much I spent to be so poorly represented and I unfortunately thought this was a holistic view of how all defense lawyers would be.

This time around, I was definitely in deeper water with my situation and scoured the internet for reviews and references. It seemed like a lost cause based on the evidence against me but Salerno's reviews gave me hope. I reached out to his office and got a response back quickly. He assured me he would do everything he could to get the best result for me.

I hired him immediately hoping that he could get me at best, a watered down plea. However, he did even better than that for me. His expertise found a way to have my breathalyzer thrown out so that a trial was possible for me. He allowed me to make my own decision but having had the breathalyzer thrown out, I saw that we had a good chance of fighting the OUI charges based on the other facts of the case with a bench trial so I decided it was worth the risk.

The day of the trial, Salerno had a strategy and clearly had examined all the evidence closely. He reassured me and the witnesses I had with me as soon as he got there by walking us through what to expect. He used his previous experience as a cop and his extensive knowledge of the courtroom to our favor. He was my confidence that day and we ended up not even needing to call my witnesses to testify. He successfully convinced the judge that there was more than reasonable doubt of my guilt and got the OUI dismissed along with the open container charge. All I walked away with was a CWOF on the negligent driving that would be taken off my record in six months. I was astounded at how the whole thing went and am forever in Salerno's debt.

Between the wonderful team at his office (Erin) and Anthony Salerno, I cannot say thank you enough for their help. At a fraction of the price I paid previously for a lawyer who could not have cared less about me, Salerno showed me what the difference was between someone who does the job to get paid and someone who does the job because he cares; He truly understands that good people get into bad situations.

Anthony Salerno saved me from endless stress, bills, and a criminal record I would not be able to erase. If you ever find yourself in a similar and unfortunate situation, Salerno is definitely the one to reach out to for help.

Thank you to both Anthony and Erin for your kindness and support during one of the worst situations I have faced.

May 2017
By Eddy K.

I was the victim of an Assault & Battery with a deadly weapon in June 2017. The police arrested and charged the criminal but his defense attorney filed a private complaint against me resulting in myself, despite being listed as the official victim, being charged with Assault & Battery (serious injury) which is a felony. At the time I was a student 1 year away from graduating with a doctorate degree. I did my research on what attorneys were available to me and saw that Attorney Salerno had a large number of positive reviews as well as many years of experience as a state trooper. I reached out to his office and was talking to Attorney Salerno in no time at all. Mr. Salerno walked me through the Magistrate Clerks hearing (cannot stress how important it is to have an attorney present for this step) and made sure that it was recorded. He then proceeded to speak to the prosecutor, police officers/detectives, and relevant witnesses. At my trial he made the accurate determination of what choice I would be better served by (judge or jury) and then proceeded to thoroughly, systematically, and intuitively cross examine and tear apart my accuser's testimony. The judge ruled NOT GUILTY. I cannot thank Attorney Salerno enough because as a result I can apply for my professional license, apply for a job, and apply for anything that requires a background check without fear of being rejected. His pricing is also fair and I was charged a flat fee. There were no surprise charges or billings. If you are being accused of something that may result in a criminal record (even if it is just for an appearance before a magistrate clerk), I highly recommend you give Attorney Salerno a call.

January 2018
By Laurie C.

The first call to his office was after normal business hours, but nevertheless he called back promptly explaining the process in detail and set up our consultation appointment. I felt better after discussing the details of my case as he has experience both as a lawyer and a law enforcement officer which gives him a well-rounded perspective of the law. He is able and willing to be flexible in dealing with his clients and their real world problems and was very understanding of my situation. He was able to confidently and effectively present the details of my case and built a strong and successful defense. I highly recommend him to anyone as he is a confident and successful attorney.

March 2018
By C.M.

Our son required legal aid after being arrested and charged with an alleged heinous crime that had the potential for him to serve 20 years in prison, our family was devastated. A friend recommended Tony Salerno, at our first meeting with him we decided he was our man. It took the courts 2 1/2 years to resolve our sons case but he was found NOT GUILTY!!!! Tony made an awful situation bearable, it was simply amazing to watch Tony do his job brilliantly in the courtroom, he is the absolute best, when Tony Salerno speaks he has everyone's attention.

We truly thank Tony Salerno for representing not only our son but our entire family, I think we will actually miss seeing him!

By Cheryl W.

A family member was charged with a crime that eventually got dismissed. In my opinion, Anthony Salerno is the best. First is his breadth of experience. He has been a law enforcement officer, a district attorney and a trial lawyer. He thoroughly understands the legal system and is well respected by the judges, district attorneys and court employees. At trial he is totally prepared and his real strength is his expertise in the courtroom. A law officer I spoke with told me: "If I was ever in trouble, I would hire Anthony Salerno as my attorney."