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David Johnson

Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, P.C.

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Background and Experience

As an experienced attorney with over 30 years of criminal defense knowledge, he understands that facing criminal allegations can be suffocating for you and your family. You worry about what will happen. Will you lose your job? Will you go to jail? Will you be able to support your family? He will work tirelessly to protect you. He realizes we all make bad choices from time to time. Sometimes we just need help to get going in the right direction.

University of Houston
University of Houston Law Center
Nebraska State Bar Association
Colorado Bar Association
Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
Larimer County Criminal Defense Bar Association
Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, P.C.

David Johnson
419 Canyon Ave., Ste 226
Fort Collins, CO 80521

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