Edward L. Cooley, Attorney at Law
Edward L. Cooley

Edward L. Cooley, Attorney at Law

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Background and Experience

He has been practicing law in Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding areas since 1981. He decided at an early age that he wanted to grow up to be a lawyer. He wanted to be able to help those who could not easily help themselves. He can proudly say that part of him never changed. As a result, his law practice has evolved into a vehicle for helping those who might be considered “the underdog,” or “the little guy.” He enjoys representing people who are up against strong odds or what often appears to be more powerful opponents. In short, he likes to level the playing field, or better yet, lead the victory of the powerless over the powerful.

After receiving his Associates Degree at Prestonsburg Community College in 1976, and his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kentucky in 1978, he decided to stay in Lexington and attend the University of Kentucky College of Law. It was during his studies in law school that his ideals solidified, and he knew that he wanted to spend his life helping others. While many of his classmates went on to work at corporations, as judges or prosecutors, or decided to abandon the practice of law altogether, he knew that he wanted to do nothing but help those whose lives were being ruined by criminal charges or were injured, and often facing financial and emotional destruction due to the negligence of another. Many of these people had little-to-no knowledge of how to defend themselves, or how to protect their interests, and were unable to afford an expensive attorney to assist them. He knew that in order to properly help, he would need to devote his life to becoming the best defense and trial lawyer he could possibly be. Consequently, he has spent his career not as a lawyer satisfied that he needs to know nothing more, but with deep conviction that he must always strive to learn more each day in order to become and remain an effective advocate for his clients. He prefers to view the opportunity to represent clients not as a financial opportunity for the lawyer, but rather an opportunity to help another person in time of need. Representing clients, in his mind, is not a job; it is both a privilege and an honor.

This desire to help others coupled with his need to be the best he can be led him to attend many professional seminars and to acquire a great deal of professional training not undertaken by every lawyer. One of his prouder accomplishments is his completion of the elite and rigorous training offered at the famed, “Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College.” This is a very intensive program involving education in human communication, psychodrama and the art and science of trial lawyering. It was founded by the famous trial attorney, Gerry Spence, who, along with other eminent attorneys and professionals, teaches the unique style of trial lawyering advocated by Gerry Spence and the Trial Lawyers College. You can visit for more information about this very unique program for trial lawyers which is only available to criminal defense attorneys and civil lawyers representing plaintiffs, not civil defense attorneys. Attendance and membership in the Trial Lawyers College is also limited to those attorneys accepted into the program upon application and acceptance. He was fortunate enough to be accepted and graduate from the Trial Lawyers College, and this enables him to utilize the skills acquired in that very special training on behalf of his clients in every case.

He is one of only a very few Kentucky lawyers to have graduated from the Trial Lawyers College. He considers himself to be a “Trial Lawyer” using every legal tool at his disposal to achieve justice for his clients. He will resolve your case without trial if reasonably possible, but he will proudly go to trial without hesitation if a trial is necessary to achieve justice. In his mind, there is no greater invention of justice than a group of citizens brought together to decide a dispute and render justice. This group of citizens is what we call a “jury” and there is no greater right in the law than the right to trial by jury. The jurors who are called upon to momentarily suspend and sacrifice their personal lives to come into the courtroom and help resolve our legal cases are considered by him to be our friends in the courtroom.

When you go before the jury for trial, you will want an experienced and dedicated trial lawyer by your side. If you have a legal claim where a trial is possible, or if you have been charged with a criminal offense, call us early so we can get started helping you today. Investigations are often necessary and important evidence can rapidly disappear over time. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can begin the search for any evidence helpful to your case.

In matters involving a person being hurt or killed by the carelessness or neglect of another, he help the injured person or the family of the deceased overcome the obstacles and delays created by insurance companies and insurance lawyers who often seem more concerned with saving money for the insurance company than with achieving justice and offering fair compensation to the injured persons or their families. In my office, our goal is not to get a “quick offer” of some small amount that does not represent fair and adequate compensation. Instead, we evaluate your case and make every effort to obtain a fair and adequate settlement of your claim. If that is not possible, he does not hesitate to take your case to trial where he meets a group of jurors whom he considers to be his friends who are present in the courtroom to render the justice your deserve.

In criminal cases, he represents people accused of criminal acts. Very often people are charged with more serious crimes than actually committed, or charged with crimes they did not even commit. Criminal charges can be devastating to both the person accused and to the person’s family. The outcome of a case involving criminal charges can have far-reaching consequences in reputation, self-esteem, employment and even family relationships. Sometimes the outcome of a criminal case can mean the difference between whether a family is able to stay together, or able to remain financially secure. All of this is understood in our office. His office staff is carefully selected to assure that everyone in his office is compatible with his goal of achieving full justice for the client.

As a part of his criminal and traffic practice, he represents many people charged with DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or both. DUI is a very common charge. Some people are in fact guilty but others are not. Regardless of circumstance, the person charged is entitled to legal representation and is entitled to raise any available defense. Many people do not realize that there are numerous technical aspects of a DUI investigation, arrest and prosecution. Your defense attorney should be aware of these technical issues and should be prepared to hold the prosecution to its burden of proving that all technical requirements have been met.

Given that so many people are now charged with DUI and other alcohol-related offenses, he has made it a priority to become educated in the defense of alcohol-related charges. For instance, he is one of only a few Kentucky attorneys belonging to the National College for DUI Defense which is a national organization of attorneys dedicated to the practice of DUI defense. You may visit for more information. If you have been charged with DUI or other alcohol-related offense, and you want your case thoroughly evaluated and defended, let him know you would like his help. He will be happy to discuss your case with you.

With his years of experience as a trial attorney, he has dealt with many areas of the law. Whatever your legal need may be, please feel free to contact his office and let’s decide how he may be of help to you and your family. Take a look at the information contained in his website and remember that, in addition to the information on the website, there are other areas of practice that are not discussed. If you would like further information, or would like to know how he can help you, just complete the contact form on this website, or email or call his office today. If you would like his help, he would like to speak with you. The sooner he knows about your case, the sooner he can start helping you.

KY, 1981
University of Kentucky College of Law
National College for DUI Defense
Trial Lawyers College
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Edward L. Cooley, Attorney at Law

Edward L. Cooley
301 East Main Street Suite 650
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 258-2697

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