The Wieczorek Law Firm, LLC
Mark Wieczorek

The Wieczorek Law Firm, LLC

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Background and Experience

As I transitioned into private practice, I realized that bad things happen to good people and that there is a little document known as the U.S. Constitution that affords these people the right to competent counsel, to a jury trial, and a litany of other enumerated rights which I saw from time to time being violated by law enforcement. It was time to have fewer clients. It was time to offer more reasonable rates by keeping overhead low. It was time to spend more time with each client….personal attention.I am efficient, diligent and relentless. I will aggressively advocate for you during every aspect of the case. I will never be outworked.

OH since 2007
The Wieczorek Law Firm, LLC

Mark Wieczorek
212 W. 8th St. Suite 200
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 317 - 5987

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