About Best DWI Attorney

If you are a distinguished DWI/DUI attorney with a practice which is largely devoted to DWI/DUI defense we are happy to consider you as one of the Best DUI/DWI Attorneys in your area.

For many attorneys it is difficult to rank on page one of search engines for highly competitive terms like “best dwi attorneys” or “best dui attorneys,” etc. For those who have just received a DWI or DUI they are most concerned with receiving the best possible help and receiving it NOW. Best DWI Attorneys serves both groups.

How Best-DWI-Attorneys.net Serves the Attorney

We are here and you can speak with us! 

We are not simply an Internet site where everything must be done via forms and emails. We have actual humans who are on staff and we take calls every day from both attorneys and potential clients for our attorneys.

We follow up with every lead that comes through the site:
  • We send a follow up email within 24 hours to our listed DWI/DUI attorney to ensure he or she received the client contact and to ask that they respond immediately to the inquiry. (We are not yet able to track those who go to the attorney’s site for contact.)
  • We then follow up to ensure the contact was a quality potential client. We ask for feedback if it was not.
  • We email the potential client to ensure they have received a response from the attorney within 1 business day. (This maintains the site’s and its attorney’s reputation for responsiveness.)
  • When an attorney fails to respond to potential clients or to our inquiries over even a short time, we remove that attorney and replace him or her with another qualified DWI/DUI attorney. (This protects the reputation of the site and the attorneys who do respond.) 
Attorney Positions rotate with each visitor to the specific city page: 

With the exception of when one or two attorneys have chosen to be at position one or two, every position rotates each time another visitor comes to your city page so no attorney is “stuck” in a low position.

1st Visit 2nd Visit 3rd Visit 4th Visit 5th Visit
Atty. A B C D E
Atty. B C D E A
Atty. C D E A B
Atty. D E A B C
Atty. E A B C D

This is an example of 5 attorneys rotating through each position with each new visitor to the page. So if you are attorney C, you start today in position 3 but move up to position 2 on the next visitor to the page, then position 1 with the next, etc.

 We do not sign up any attorneys just because they are willing to pay.

We are exclusive to a small number of very qualified DWI/DUI attorneys in each city:

  • Large directories are about having every attorney in a city on their directory. (Those looking for a DWI attorney do not want to have to search through 30, 50 or 100’s of attorneys and they will go to another site.)
  • In marketing you must deliver the product or service that the customer (potential client) is looking for or they quickly learn that you are misleading them. Our attorneys focus on DUI/DWI and that is what the searcher wants.
  • We drastically limit the number of attorneys for any geographic region so that our attorneys receive more leads than from any other site they are represented on.
We will soon be listing Treatment Centers and other Resources for those who have received a DWI/DUI.

 This helps our attorneys by bringing those who may be looking for treatment right after a “bottoming event” like receiving a DUI. Those who have not chosen an attorney are now at a place where they have both available.

For the general public that may believe the person who receives a DWI deserves what they get, we show that we are not just attorneys who are advertising for ourselves, but also are interested in solving the problem that may have caused the DWI to begin with.

How Best-DWI-Attorneys.net serves those with intoxication charges (The potential client):

  1. We limit how many attorneys are listed in the city so those charged with DWI/DUI are not bombarded by choices. (Makes choosing easier in a stressful time.)
  2. We provide strong proof to the searcher that our attorneys are “real” DWI/DUI attorneys:
  • Past cases,
  • Past prosecutorial or judicial roles,
  • Membership in DWI/DUI exclusive legal associations,
  • Published legal papers and books around DWI/DUI, and
  • Knowledge of and certifications in breath testing, field sobriety tests, etc.
  1. We present multiple, clear ways to contact each attorney and calls can be made to the attorney with a single click. (Searchers who are stressed want a quick way to contact the attorney.)
  1. We provide follow up via email to the potential client and if we do not hear back from them, we call them to ensure the attorney has followed up and they received the help they needed. (Knowing the site is responsive builds value to the consumer that the attorneys are quality professionals.)
  1. We follow up with the attorney to ensure the potential client was contacted. (This helps the client when someone may have missed a potential client contact.)
  1. Because of our web development and SEO background, the site is designed to work well whether on desktop or mobile and the experience is customized for the specific device type someone is on. (This is called good User Experience and is invaluable in building a reputation of a site. We make it easy for your next client to find and contact you even when they may be less than clear headed.)
  1. By providing treatment options, etc. we make it easier for them to begin to correct whatever behavioral problem may have led to their DWI/DUI and potentially show a judge their understanding of the seriousness of the offense.
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