People cannot easily find a true DWI attorney on big lawyer directories.

Best DWI Attorneys only allows listings for attorneys who are focused on DWI/DUI law and defense. 

DWI is a serious offense and people deserve an attorney with real experience defending and/or prosecuting DWI cases.

When an attorney is a generalist and takes on the rare DWI case, is the client really getting experienced representation? DWI laws are becoming more stringent, and highly-qualified representation is paramount to achieving the best possible result.

When we add attorneys initially, we do NOT charge — but we cannot support a free site.

We are a for-profit entity devoted to helping people find the attorney they need and to only listing attorneys who can truly help them. Our opinion is only a devoted DWI/DUI attorney can truly help. It is expensive to build and manage a site like Best DWI Attorneys; by charging reasonable fees we are able to keep it highly productive for our attorneys.

Our fees also allow us to answer any email or call from an attorney quickly, and make adjustments to their profiles or help implement their badges just as fast. We have a full-time development staff on board to assist.

If you have a question, need your profile updated, etc. Call us or email us and see how quickly we respond!  

 Having been listed on large attorney sites such as Avvo, I have been pleasantly surprised by the service from Robert and his team. Whether it is helping with making changes to my profile, with my badge or help with linking to my website, they are reachable by phone and by email and they will contact you back within 24 hours (often right away).

Best DWI Attorneys has a full team of developers, digital marketers, and SEO professionals who are very happy to share their expertise even about my own site. The fact they show up for quality DUI terms is very important as well. They are very innovative so I think they will be here a while. I am very satisfied with my experience with Best DWI Attorneys and would recommend them to my fellow DUI attorneys.  – Joel Leppard, Esq.   

We are the authority that only provides DWI/DUI attorneys for that search.

When people know that every attorney is a real DWI/DUI attorney, they don’t go to other sites.

Some of our attorneys rank well because they have been located in the same city and have had a website for years, if not decades. Most DWI searches will only show one or two actual attorneys on page one. By Best DWI Attorneys being on page one and having only experienced and devoted DWI attorneys, people turn to us when they are in need.

We had a large, qualified team in place allowing us to quickly rank for DWI searches.

Today, we rank highly in every major and mid-tier city where we actively have attorneys. We are able to maintain rankings, get leads, and provide phone and email support to our attorneys because we charge reasonable fees for what we deliver.

Our listings rotate so everyone gets the opportunity to be at the top. (No one is stuck at the bottom!)

Anyone can list every attorney in a city and put a red box around the paid listings. Frankly, people know they are the attorneys who are paying.

Best DWI Attorneys rotates attorneys with each new visitor to a city page. Our attorneys get an even opportunity to be at the top of the listings. We do allow the #1, and sometimes the #2 positions, to be fixed by paying an additional fee. If no one pays for a fixed position, attorneys rotate from the bottom through the top with each new visitor.

Now Live: Lead-2-Text

We will send a text message when an attorney receives a new written lead through the site. This way, attorneys who receive a lead on a Friday night are alerted well before they check their email on Monday morning. This feature is exclusive to paying profiles and we must have a cell phone number on file. To upgrade, please contact us