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DUI: Know the Facts

Jun 5, 2017
Driving Under the Influence Definitions DUI: Driving Under the Influence DWI: Driving While Intoxicated OUI: Operating Under the Influence These terms may vary depending on the state in which they are received. Some states may refer to drunken or impaired driving as a DWI, while others may consider it to be a DUI. While some states, such as Michigan give this charge a completely different name, and refer to impairment behind the wheel as an OUI, or operating under the influence. The tricky part is
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Miranda Rights

May 16, 2016
As a citizen of the United States, you have rights, even if you are being placed under arrest. Not knowing your rights could be harmful in a potential case. If you don’t exercise your rights, you are at risk of having your words or intentions used against you. Miranda Rights are a way to ensure that the accused is treated fairly and the police are acting justly. When a person is arrested, they are supposed to be read their rights that state the law and
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